Thursday, 25 February 2021

[Resolved]: Add Tooltip over a field section using visual force page in Object Page Layout.


There was a need of implementing tooltip on mouse hover for field section label on the object page layout for one of the our client - consulting firm based out of Atlanta, GA, USA.

We, all are familiar with showing tooltip on page layout by dragging & dropping the Lightning Component for a specific object field on the page layout, but displaying a tooltip on the Field Section label on the record/object page layout is quite challenging. So, in this blog, I will go through in detail how Tooltip can be displayed on the mouse hover for Field Section label on the object page layout.

To display the tooltip on the field section label, we need to utilize custom Visual Force page in the page layout. In that page, we can have customized HTML & CSS to show tooltip on the mouse hover.
I've developed a custom solution that involves creating a custom Visual Force Page called ToolTip. This Page contains the mechanism to display the Tooltip of  Account Name. The page needs to be customized using HTML and CSS to show the tooltip of an Account name on a Field Section Label.
After creating the visual force page, we need to drag & drop the page to the specific record page layout. As, I need to show tooltip of Account Name, I've used it on the account page layout.
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