Thursday 13 May 2021

Integration of Salesforce Chatter with SharePoint Online


When working on one of the requirements for a manufacturing sector project for a client based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, we came across a requirement where we had to develop a solution by integrating Salesforce with SharePoint. The basic need was to save feedback/comments from SharePoint to custom object in Salesforce. 

Comment should contain user name same as in Salesforce Chatter. Responses received from either of the platform, Salesforce or SharePoint; should be in sync. 


The main challenge was that SharePoint users are not licensed users within Salesforce. And API provided by chatter saves comment or post to chatter for only Salesforce licensed user. These users were not in sync with both Salesforce and SharePoint. 
The other challenge was to display comments from Salesforce into SharePoint. Connect API provides very complex response from Salesforce and it was not easy to map the field values in SharePoint. 


To address these issues, we took an approach of configuring a custom object in Salesforce to save comments. With a Master-detail relationship, we linked this custom object (which was created to save comments) to its parent object. 

To get more insight about the technical approach, have a look at the below explanation and screenshots. 

Let’s assume that we have an object (e.g., Account) which we consider as a parent object. We want to add comments related to the each record of that object. 

Now, users from SharePoint are going to add their comments to the records of this object to keep track of approval status. Let’s not forget that these users are not licensed Salesforce users. 

SharePoint users add their comments from SharePoint UI and with use of REST API, it will be stored in custom object in Salesforce, which is related to our parent object - Account. 

To store these comments from SharePoint, Salesforce connected app credentials were used for authentication and authorization.

Configuration of custom object for Chatter is shown in below screenshot:

Data fetched through REST API from SharePoint, would be displayed as shown in below screenshot.


By configuring custom object in Salesforce & using REST API, we can easily integrate data from 3rd party applications used by non-Salesforce users by its username or email id.

If you have any questions you can reach out our Salesforce Consulting team here.

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