Thursday 15 September 2022

Dynamic Scatter chart in Vf page using ChartJs


While working on one of the requirements for an Automobile sector project for a client based out of Dallas, Texas, There was a requirement to display dynamic data responsively into a Scatter chart using the VF page. 


The “Standard Report Chart” component can be used to display the chart on the page but we have several custom logic and filter to be implemented in a VF page then the Standard Report Chart” has filter Restrictions. To prevent that problem, we have used ChartJs.


We have used the VF page and apex controller to display dynamic data for the Account standard object. We have taken the Number of Quantities as the X axis and the Amount as the Y axis for plotting the data dynamically in this scatter chart using chartJs.

Below is an example of a scatter chart.


In the example, we have drawn a scatter chart to display the Account amount field and No of quantity field data.

Step 1:- Create an Apex controller with the name 'ChartVfController'.

Retrieving Account data and setting on the VF page.

Step 2:- Create a VF page with the name 'ChartVf'.

VF page consists of a canvas tag, and the ChartJs library uses that canvas to draw the chart.

The most important thing is chart configuration, all the chart behavior is based on the config that we set to the chart. Below are main three attributes.
  • type:- It defines the type of chart being rendered, here we have 'scatter'. 
  • data:- Here we pass the chartLabels and chartData and other settings for the scatter chart.
  • options:- Additional settings for chart.  


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