Thursday 29 April 2021

[SFMC Email Campaign]: Emails Send to Data Extension Not Delivered to all Subscribers


While working on one of the requirements for a transportation sector project for a client based out of Melbourne, Australia, there was a requirement to run an Email Campaign using an automation studio with data source as DataExtension in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

We've used SQL Query activity in automation studio to get filtered leads from DataExtension based on filter criteria (e.g. Date Range, Status etc.) and add it to another filtered DataExtension. Then the filtered DataExtension is used as a data source in Email Activity to run campaign. 


The campaign ran successfully at the specified time, but looking at the SFMC Email Tracking, we have found that none of the emails was sent out even though all the records were having proper emails. 

Digging out in detail, we have found that due to Email field of data extension has a text data type.



First, we have removed the email field having text data type from filtered data extension. Then we have added new email field with Email data type and ran the campaign. This time, we were able to see emails sent out in SFMC email tracking.

Marketing Cloud uses the Subscriber Relationship to see a subscriber exists in All Subscribers and uses the email address field from the All Subscribers List as email address where email to be sent out.

If a subscriber does not exist in the All Subscribers List, OR there are several fields with an EmailAddress data type in the DataExtension, OR there isn't any field with an EmailAddress data type in the Data Extension, then system does not know which email address to use and will not send to those subscribers.

To ensure proper email delivery, we have to modify the DataExtension so that there should be only one field with an EmailAddress data type, and it should have the desired email address to be sent. 

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