Thursday, 12 May 2022

Select the Right Report Type for New Reports Smoothly

As with every Salesforce release, there are new features rolled out across the platform. With Spring ’22 there are some specific enhancements to Reports. Let’s take a look at it.

Easily Find the Right Report Type for New Reports

While creating a Report take the uncertainty out of selecting a report type. With the release of Spring ’22 enhanced report type selector, quickly access recently used report types and view the included fields and objects. Quickly identify which report types are standard and custom and hide those that you don't need.

Let's look into the Report tab

Start a new report on the Reports tab. In the Choose Report Type windows, you can still select report type categories on the left and search for report types by name in the search bar.

But now there’s much more.

Choose Report Type window

If you want to create a report which is the same as one that you have created in the previous week, but you can’t remember what report type you used. No worry! scroll through the Recently Used list to find the type that you used and when you used it.

Recently Used Reports

To see the details of the Report Type, Click on the search report or recently used report list.

Detail Panel

In the detail panel following details display the Report

  1. The Report Created By.
  2. Report Created By Others in your org.
  3. The List of Objects used in the report type.
  4. Quick Lookup in the Fields used in Report.

As Salesforce Classic, You can also hide the report type from the report type list. hidden report types do not appear in the search results and all the category-specific lists, and you can’t use them to create reports. You can see the hidden report type under the Hidden Report Type tab and available to see again if needed.

Hidden Report Types

Click Here to see the release notes on report type selector. 

If you have any questions you can reach out our Salesforce Consulting team here.

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