Friday 18 December 2020

Lacking Customer Interaction? CRM can rescue!

        Running a business can be tricky in today’s hyper competitive environmentWhile the new customer acquisition can take your high time, existing customers don’t feel the need to stay with a company that doesn't concern them. It’s important for businesses to have constructive and pro-active customer service because good customer service directly affects customer to come back and that implies to increase in business revenue.  

    Providing good customer service includes delivering what you have promised. But providing excellent customer service requires putting yourself in customer’s shoes, to understand their perspective and understand how they interact with you at every step. 


    Seems like difficult task to respond to consumers, keep records and tracks, faster engagement, deal closure? 

All in one solution for your troublesSALESFORCE SERVICE CLOUD 

    Service cloud is CRM platform for customer service and support. It enables users to automate service processes, streamline workflows, finding key articles, topics and experts to support customer service agents. The main purpose is to encourage one-to-one marketing relationships with every customer across multiple channels and devices. 

    Its uniqueness lies in providing faster service compared to traditional methods, giving individual attention to each customer needs and taking a pro-active approach to customer issues. That ultimately turns into better customer experience which create good impact on sales. 

Benefits for Customers: - 

  • 35% increase in customer satisfaction. 

Benefits for Companies: - 

  • 22% decrease in support cost. 

  • 26% increase in customer retention. 

  • 28% increase in agent productivity. 

  • 31% faster case resolution. 

Key Business goals achieved by using the service cloud: 

1)Personalized Service: 

Give each customer a better service experience based on their past record, complaints and history of purchase. 

2) Available 24/7: 

Make the service all time available for all consumers. 

3) Multiple Channel support: 

Mobile, PC, Web, Chat- meet the customers on their preferred channels. 

4) Rapid Support: 

Managing various services from the one platform helps delivering faster execution of all the query and gives quick results. 


Key Features of Service Cloud:  

1) The Lighting Console: 

Prioritizing the task on hand requires a unified platform for managing all cases assigned to agent. This results into personalized experience for each customer in each case. 

2) The Knowledge Base: 

Customer interactions and resolution are captured and organized in knowledge base. Agents can create and access resources within the company’s knowledge base. 

3) Social Customer Service: 

With the help of this feature customer can visit separate web pages for interactions on various social media platforms. Linked to the omni routing, keywords and hashtags can help work to be delivered to the appropriate agent.  

4) Live Agent 

A real time chat functionality, tool that allows customer to interact with agents via websites. It allows agents to make multiple conversations at once. 

5)Service Cloud Communities: 

Communities are all about creating the engagement layer on the top of Salesforce Platform. It allows customer to help themselves by helping each other. From any device, anywhere, anytime- agents, customers, channel partners can find their answers quickly. 

6) Omni-Channel Routing: 

It is a feature that allows you to route service work intelligently. Supervisors can access a complete view of routing and agent activity. Cases and leads are automatically directed to specific employee based on factors such as employee skill-set and availability. 

7)Service Analytics: 

One more tool to give employees easy access to reporting and key CRM data such as chatbot performance, case history and volume, agent activity and productivity. 

8)Telephony integration: 

Service calls to and from customers can be managed with customer information on a hand. Integrate with the most popular CTI systems. 

9)Case Management: 

Agents can use service console shuffle multiple cases at once across multiple channels. Case management is accessible via mobile and desktop both. 

10) Automation with Macros: 

They automate common repetitive task, reducing multiple steps down to a 1-click. It will save customer and service delivery time. 

😐Are your customers easily distracted? 

😐Have your customers' expectations increased? 

😐Are your customers listening to new models of authority?

😐Customers establishing new communities? 

If you are facing any of the above issue you must go for Salesforce Service Cloud. 

Facing difficulty in implementation for Service cloud? Binary Republik-SFDC is there with you anytime to help you out. 


If you have any questions you can reach out our Salesforce Consulting team here.

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